Electronic Locks - Residential & Commercial


This growing field has been a part of Accurate Locksmith from the beginning. Commercially it has been a part of our routine from the days with the old magnetic card readers too installing front door release systems and the more current keypad entry and fob entry systems for a single door or multiple doors with time zones and audit trail. Perhaps a system that can allow changes to be made off-site. I can advise you on many systems that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Mul-T-Lock CLIQ is a mix of both a mechanical key with electronics. With this system, your key really does know what locks it can and cannot open. Great for a commercial location like salons or anyone who rents out space, you can program the key to only open at certain times or program the cylinder to stop allowing that one key to access the lock for any given length of time or indefinably.

Other Examples: Trilogy standalone battery-operated keypad/prox levers, electric strikes, magnetic locks, alarmed panic hardware, multi-door fob systems, direct wired electrified levers with transfer hinges


I have many answers for residential customers looking for electronic access control. Most are looking to get away from keys, either because they like the availability of unlocking their door with a smartphone and/or those looking to grant access to the house to the children without giving them a key to lose at school. Most smartphone locks only have 4 to 6-month battery life depending on usage, so talk to me first before buying something from the do it your self-home improvement stores or online shopping; most of these locks are more bells and whistles and less on the security. Remember security first, always.