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One of the biggest problems I see in residential homes is a lack of proper door frame reinforcement. Often, property owners simply assume that their locking mechanism and home security system offer adequate protection. However, these measures will not prevent a determined intruder from entering your home. To ensure that you have maximum home protection, call Accurate Locksmith & Security to discuss reinforcing your door frame in the Columbus Area.

In order to defend your family and possessions, it’s crucial that you have a heavy-duty deadbolt with strike plates that are properly installed by a skilled professional. I’ll offer a free inspection of your door frame and recommend solutions for improving your security.


With correctly installed strike plates, your house will better withstand an attempt to kick in the door frame. My goal is to see that your family and belongings have the highest level of defense available today. In addition to reinforced door frames, I also install high-security locks. Please don’t hesitate to call if you’d like to learn more.

The pictures on this page show just how simple it is for intruders to break into houses with insufficient locks. You can see the screws and strike plate falling off the frame; a cheap lock with a cheap strike place equals easy entry. Don’t bother with a key-locking knob: the real answer for dependable security is a professionally installed, high-quality deadbolt that secures your door.


Accurate Locksmith & Security offers vintage lock repair in  the Columbus Area. When you want reliable service from a skilled professional, leave the job to me. I have decades of experience working on vintage doors.

Homes built between the early 1900s and the 1960s sometimes have the original mortise locks that use a skeleton (or bit) key and mortise cylinder. Since these doors are reaching an advanced age, it’s not uncommon for the original locks to stop working properly. As your locksmith, I’ll ensure that your lock works correctly and continues to secure your home for years to come.

EXPERT REPAIRS FOR ANTIQUE Doors-New Lock Installation

Replacing locks on vintage doors is no task for amateurs. When a mortise lock is removed, it leaves a hollow channel in the door. Some people simply cover this channel with a rectangular plate. However, this compromises the door’s strength and aesthetic appeal. When you call me, I’ll remodel the door with a new  lock so that the door looks its best and has high-performance, up-to-date hardware.

Whether you call me for antique lock repair, door frame reinforcement, or any of my other services, you can count on superior results at competitive prices. Call today to schedule your free inspection.